The experiences of women of color are unique AND intersectional. This why this year we launch the first Women of Color in the Workplace® Study.


Conquering the Concrete Ceiling Series

Women of color are facing a different type of barrier, and it is a more difficult barrier to overcome. The glass ceiling does not apply to women of color. Experts are calling the ceiling for women of color, "concrete," because one cannot envision how it must be broken. Therefore opportunities for women of color may seem less tangible. This four part workshop series confronts some of the challenges women of color are facing in the workplace today, ways we can combat those challenges, and techniques to get ahead.

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The gender pay gap has not changed much over the years. Every year it persists. According to IWPR, the pay gap between men and women is not expected to close until 2059. Black women will wait until 2130, and Hispanic women will have to wait until 2224 for equal pay. We can’t afford to wait 200 years. Companies can do their part.

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Representation Matters for Women of Color in Media

The Representation Matters for Women of Color in Media Toolkit is an aid to unconscious bias training and narrows down the stigmas tied to women of color. The program creates awareness about their experiences at work and helps check the blindspots of leadership and management teams.

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Featured Conversation

Conversation with Amanda Guzmán, Vice President of Finance & Operations at Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation and Mónica Cucalón, Managing Director of Economic Empowerment at the Latin American Association

Please tune in to listen to conversations with Amanda Guzmán and Monica Cucalón on the pay gap impacting Latinas and their families. As a former corporate attorney, Amanda discusses the myth about Latinas and their progress and success. Monica stresses the importance of doing your research on which organizations work to be more diverse and inclusive.

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Discussion Topics

Check out the latest Women of Color in the Workplace discussion. Learn about social issues impacting women of color and how our companies and institutions can do their part to make things better.

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