The experiences of women of color are unique AND intersectional.

The experiences of women of color are unique. That's why the Women of Color in the Workplace agenda promotes strategies so that more women of color can get ahead. We exercise programming to strengthen pathways towards visibility, equality, equity, & leadership for women of color.

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I know what it feels like not to know how to survive in a workplace when your coworkers are isolating you. This lack of knowledge led to various forms of abuse in the workplace, something no one should go through, but it's happening in our workplaces everywhere. Looking back, I wish I had more knowledge because part of me was chipping away every day. This book is for women of color in the workplace. I also urge team leaders and employers to grab a copy. Whether you are in the corporate or nonprofit sector, work inside a government, or private institution, work in service and hospitality, it's essential to learn how to navigate your workplace! Grab your copy upon release. Subscribe for updates.



Lean In Women of Color is a global network aimed at the advancement and retention of women of color in leadership and high-ranking positions. Learn more.
A podcast series with mission to dispose of the pay gap affecting women of color. Tune into a new episode every other week! 
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For two years in the row, our founder spearheaded the Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project and then as of 2019, the inaugural Black Women's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project was launched to elevate the conversation about the pay gap impacting black women! Click on the highlighted links above to learn more.



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