The Women of Color Writers’ Circle

The Women of Color Writers’ Circle is a group that is dedicated to showcasing the voices and stories of women of color around the world. This group was created by Chyina Powell and Julene Allen once they noticed the lack of diversity in the publishing industry and the serious erasure of stories by women of color. Women of color worldwide have amazing stories to tell but too often these stories go unheard, unshared and unrecognized. The Circle was created to bolster the voices of women of color who write regardless of nationality, age, genre, subject matter or where they are in the publication process. 

 Since the creation of the group, there have been many new projects from magazines to devotionals to novels to books of poetry created and workshopped. The women offer each other encouragement and advice, allowing each lady in the group to grow in their craft. It is amazing to see women from various professions and backgrounds unite under a common goal: to create a community and outlet for their creativity. If you have questions about writing, publishing, editing, marketing, there is a lady in the group with answers, you can also go to our website and find helpful information in our blog posts, written by the members of the Writing Circle themselves. 

 The Circle meets virtually one Saturday each month to cover topics ranging from the publication process to new books by women of color to simply discussing the projects of the members. And while not all members can attend the meeting, they have access to minutes and other helpful hints via post-meeting newsletters. Furthermore, most meetings are in the style of an open forum, not a class meaning that questions, comments and humor are more than welcome. 

 If you would like to learn more about the Circle, feel free to go to our website at or contact us through our Instagram @WOCWritingCircle.