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Hire One of Our Experts

Our amazing team is the life force behind our work. From organizing fundraising events and rallies to managing new campaigns, they help us do it all. They demonstrate the importance of coming together to achieve something truly great.

Emily Williams

WOCITW Consultant

Emily is a diligent intrapreneur who has founder’s experience and has strengthened dozens of organizations’ capacity to incorporate social justice values into their mission and practice. In 2014, she co-founded the Social Justice Initiative at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she built the center from the ground up by securing resources through institutional and community partnerships. She also formed active networks and developed programs combining social justice practice with intellectual inquiry. This programming highlighted the interconnections of race, gender, class, and other systems as a critical foundation for work and action which advances social justice.  This intersectional analysis informed Emily’s approach to organizational change at the Solidarity Center where she designed an organization-wide educational process to increase intersectional equality and inclusion across the organization.

Bhakti Mary Pic.jpeg

Bhakti Mary

Author and Strategist

Bhakti Mary is the author of the brownBerry Book series focusing on current well-being and preparation for a lifetime of abundant joy through sustained social, mental, and physical fitness. There are three books in the series so far: Cherry - A Personal Growth Compass, Magnolia - The Benefits of Diversity, and Hello 20s - Amazing Advice From Women For Women. Bhakti Mary is a human rights advocate and an avid supporter of empowerment and advancement.

Emily R. Williams Pic.jpeg

Jay Polaki

Human Resources and Career Counseling Expert

Jay Polaki is the founder of HR Geckos (, an HR Technology & Management company. Jay is also the Founder and CEO of Career Acers –  a professional career counseling and coaching firm that focuses on genuine questions with real impact. Career Acers will help you craft and ace your career success story! Having spent the last two decades in several leadership positions across industries, she has impacted how some of the most important HR functions are defined and executed. While Jay handles clients internationally across all HR Geckos’ markets, she lives, writes, grows tomatoes, solves crosswords, and integrates work into life in the DC metro area.

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