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Julene Allen

CEO and Founder

Julene Allen is a military veteran, and former insurance professional turned women’s rights activist, journalist, author, and CEO of Women of Color in the Workplace®. The new brand provides educational resources, research, and documents the experience of women of color in the workplace to formulate a bridge between the talent and companies.

As a self-taught interviewer with over ten years of experience, Julene has recorded the stories of approximately 100 women leaders. She has interviewed innovators such as Lori Lyons, the first black woman to shoot the cover of Fortune Magazine; Bonnie-Jill Laflin, the first and only woman NBA Scout; London-based Champion boxer Marianne Marston, prodigy of the late legendary Heavyweight Champion of the World, Smokin' Joe Frazier; Peggy Llewellyn, the first woman of color in the world to win a professional motorsports event; Illinois State's Attorney Kim Foxx and Shaili Chopra, an award-winning business journalist and one of India’s top television editor-presenters.

Allen is also a LEAN IN regional leader and serves as director of the global network, LEAN IN | Women of Color which aids in the advancement and retention of women of color in leadership and high-ranking positions. The program provides bridge-building resources for communities and organizations. In June 2017, LEAN IN | Women of Color’s company discussion tool kit was launched inside the workplace of Procter and Gamble. Allen has been recently honored by LEAN IN for organizing outstanding programming out of more than 100 other regional leaders and their networks which collectively when put together captures 44,000 LEAN IN circles across the globe.

Other initiatives she spearheads is the Latinas Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project in which LEAN IN | Women of Color reached out to organizations such as the Hispanic Executive, The National Diversity Council, and The Alumni Council and asked them to partner with the project by nominating an outstanding leader at their organization on Latina Equal Pay Day and the Black Women's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project which launched in 2019. The project has a focus on black women who are at the top of their industries and offer advice to inspire more women of color to leadership. This initiative is in collaboration with Julene Allen’s newly released podcast series, Conversations for Equal Pay.

Allen’s panel and speaking experience include pay equity for women and women of color, the crabs in the barrel syndrome, representation matters for women of color in media, and building an internal and external network.

Publications: Lean In Ohio 100 Women Archives: A Keepsake of Women Innovators

Awards: LEAN IN's "Make It Great Award"

Sub-specialties: Diversity and inclusion, women in the workplace, women of color in the workplace, intersectional feminism and women’s advancement

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