Conquering the Concrete Ceiling Series

Conquering the Concrete Ceiling I

Women of color are facing a different type of barrier, and it is a more difficult barrier to overcome. The glass ceiling does not apply to women of color. Experts are calling the ceiling for women of color, "concrete," because one cannot envision how it must be broken. Therefore opportunities for women of color may seem less tangible.

No worries. We got this!

Conquering the Concrete Ceiling program confronts some of the challenges women of color are facing in the workplace today, ways we can combat those challenges, and techniques to get ahead.

This workshop address topics such as racism, intersectionality, gender/racial pay gap, microaggressions, and more!

Leaders, managers, and allies learn what you can do to offer your support and become better decision-makers at work.

Download the video from this workshop for free. This is available for only a limited time.

Conquering the Concrete Ceiling II

Check out Conquering the Concrete Ceiling II: An All-Access Card to Power Brokers At Work. These types of relationships are critical.
Women of color aspire to hold top leadership roles that allow them to lead with influence and purpose. Too often, their ambitions are thwarted. Yet studies state that gaining access to good mentors and sponsors is critical to advancement. In this program, women of color learn how to close the gap between you and power-brokers at work. Leaders, managers, and allies learn what you can do to offer your support.
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