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Companies Can Pledge to do More.

A few things senior leaders and management can do to overcome bias and barriers at work:

  • Sponsor an employee resource group (ERG) or become an ally of one. Let your employees know that you are committed to diversity and inclusion by establishing a budget for the ERG, inviting existing and new employees to participate, or sitting in on meetings to show your support and commitment.

  • Many companies provide sexual harassment training. So why not incorporate unconscious bias training since social scientists state that everyone has biases and prejudices. Unconscious bias training does not eliminate biases alone but can help identify those blind spots during job selection and policymaking. Accompany unconscious bias training for particularly senior leadership, and those in managerial positions with a series of actions and steps and put them into practice.

  • Create mentorship and sponsorship match-making programs.  Senior leaders need proteges and new and early talent need sponsors at work. Closing the gap between sponsorship and women of color increases job satisfaction and an improved business model.

  • Got a small business? It's simple. Sponsor women of color. Particularly women of color are over mentored and unsponsored. They are often told what to do or are excessively under advisement. Women of Color need more people to support their mission and causes. Sponsor, fund, advocate, volunteer, or take someone under your wing.

  • Show commitment to any of these following goals by signing the Women of Color in the Workplace® pledge. Be listed as an ally for doing so.

Pledge To Do More

A few things senior leaders and management can do to overcome bias and barriers at work:

We are pledging to do one or more of the following:

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