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About Us

Women of Color in the Workplace® is an educational program that provides research and resources to help formulate a bridge between the ambition of women of color professionals and opportunities for advancement. Though women of color stress a deeper desire to advance than their counterparts, the research proves that they do not have the same access to those opportunities. Women of Color in the Workplace® equips women of color with tools to advance at work because the experiences for women of color are unique and intersectional. Also, we provide resources for communities and workplaces to further their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

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Addressing the Pay Gap

There is a 20% pay gap between non-Hispanic white women and white men, yet the disparity is more considerable for women of color. For Latinas, it's 46%, Native women, it's 42%, and for Black women, it's a 38% gap. At 10%, Asian women have the slimmest pay gap but suffer from unique barriers that prevent them from executive decision-making positions.

In large, women earn less than men at virtually every occupation level, even though women makeup almost half the workforce, are more likely to be the sole head of households, and seek out more education. Multiple reasons are contributing to the pay disparity. One, in particular, includes biases towards women and women of color in the workplace.

To date, we know that women of color express a more profound desire to advance than their counterparts but have access to fewer opportunities. However, the visibility of women of color in decision-making positions is crucial to the advancement of all women.

It's up to each one of us to make sure our companies are delivering the best results. In a world that's shifting towards innovation and change, we want to make sure companies are thinking about inclusiveness in its entirety.

This means getting ahead of the curve and ensuring women of color are at the center of that change. With your help, we can forge this future so that companies are equipped with the right information.

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About the Study

Women of Color in the Workplace study focuses on the state of women of color in the workplace. This year, we launched the first study to collect information from a broad spectrum of women of color to better understand their work experiences. We invite participants to suggest an employer that should be delivered a copy of the summary of results. The results will reach 100 companies within our network.

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